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Brief instruction

On this Order Input Form you can tailor-make an ad package of your own by selecting only the services you need...
• Boxes 1 & 2 are mandatory.
• Boxes 3 ~ 9: Select ad items you want included in package.
• Box 10: Complete and proceed to preview your package.
• Click on a CODE NAME to view details of that item.

NOTE: Price indications on this page are USD equivalent. On the order summary page the amount in both USD and CAD will be displayed and you can make payment in either currency. For governing terms please view our Package Rules .

Are you a registered advertiser of the system? If yes, please click here and re-start this ORDER INPUT FORM from the Advertiser Login Area. Otherwise please ignore this message. Thanks!*All fields in this Box are required. Upon completion of your order, we will create your Advertiser account on the system with access information for you to sign in to view and maintain your ad listings in the future. Please feel free to view our Privacy Policy .
  • $19 one-time fee for subscription that's valid until June 2018.
  • Can be purchased on its own, or automatically included in a package of long term subscription
• Annual Term: $190 per year per ad type.
• Long Term: $570 one-time fee per ad type.
• All ads will run in the Base Region only unless Addon Regions are ordered.
  • One flat fee of $90 per package order.
  • Production will cover all H5 banner ad types you have ordered in the Image Advertising Ad Types box.
  • Original ad ideas, images and text contents of your advertisement are to be supplied by you (i.e., the flat fee does not cover the creation of ideas, raw materials and contents of your ad).
  • Production of the H5 banner files will be based on only one set of images, text contents and ideas supplied by you (i.e., all presentation of your H5 banner ads of the production will share a similar theme from the same set of raw materials).
  • This ad will be accepted for the Base Region only and no addon region can be ordered.
  • If you have also ordered image ad with addon region(s), this ad will also run in those addon region(s) at no extra cost to you.
  • In all scenarios there is only one fee to pay for this ad item:
  • Annual Term: $190 per year.
  • Long Term: $570 one-time fee.
• Covers real estate classified ads only (real estate for sale or for rent ads).
• Annual Term: $190 per year.
• Long Term: $570 one-time fee.
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