Rules Governing Package Subscriptions
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Package Rules

A. General Terms

  1. Date version of this document: 20150200.
  2. All governing terms contained herein govern all advertising service packages of the system (the "System") that are sold on subscription basis, and may collectively be referred to as the "Package Rules". In addition, the posting and maintenance of all ads covered by these "Package Rules" is also subject to the Terms of Use of the System.
  3. Individual packages may contain special terms or provide special offering at time of sale, where applicable those such terms and offering shall prevail any contradictory terms contained in this Package Rules.
  4. The governing terms contained herein are subject to change with or without prior notice and those changes will be posted herein and shall then apply to orders placed thereafter. In the event of disputes HOMESmarketing shall have the final decisions on the interpretation of these terms and final decisions on situations where these terms have not yet covered.

B. Terms Governing Image Ads

  1. This Section B covers all image advertisement types if such advertisement types are included in the service package.
  2. Image ads on the System shall generally mean banner ads using HTML5 and CSS3 specifications and background image ad ("BIA"). Where specified, image ads can also be in the form of static images only, or in a form that is not specified herein but is offered by HOMESmarketing quoting these Package Rules as the governing terms. In any case, ads shall meet HOMESmarketing's specifications that would allow the ads to be run on the System.
  3. Ad in digital file ready for ad deployment is to be provided by you (the advertiser); or HOMESmarketing can create the digital file for you at a fee. [Explanatory note: You can create the ad files by yourself (can be as simple as a static image from your digital camera, or as enriched with any amount of HTML5 or other programming techniques) or have other service providers to do the job for you; you can also order the service from us on the package's order input form.]
  4. Running of Ads: Ads are run on random rotation of entries grouped by ad type and by region coverage, and will be run on the HOMESmarketing system as well as on third party sites participating in HOMESmarketing's Ad Feeding Program (a program that would allow HOMESmarketing's image ads to display on participating third party sites).
  5. Sizes of ads: Ad sizes will mostly adopt to industry standards as recommended by IAB but HOMESmarketing reserves the sole discretion to make adjustments to the ad sizes where the situations of the system require. In addition, ads of sizes larger than the screen size of a browser may be either reduced in display size or shown only partially.
  6. Ad Slots: For the purposes of these terms, slots on the HOMESmarketing system homepage ( and the second ad slot of the Type ST ads on all pages are not part of any subscription based packages, although ads may still be run on those slots at the discretion of HOMESmarketing.

C. Terms Governing Classified Ads

  1. This Section C covers all appropriate user-entered classified advertisement types if such advertisement types are included in the service package.
  2. A unique Pass Code will be issued to the Subscriber if applicable ad types are included in the service package, provided that the Pass Code can be issued to an individual only - either to the Subscriber as an individual, or to a person designated by the Subscriber if the Subscriber is an organization.
  3. With a Pass Code, the Subscriber can bypass the System's payment requirement and post the covered ad types to the System. The Pass Code covers unlimited number of real estate classified ads (i.e., real estate for sale or for rent ads), including posting of new ads and renewal of existing ads, on any Region of the System at no extra cost to the Subscriber (cost is covered by the subscription fee).
  4. The use of the Pass Code is subject to the following: (1) The Subscriber must not use the Pass Code to post any ad that is not in the name of the registered individual, or to post ad that is not genuine advertising in nature. (2) Violation of subsection (1) or any provisions of the Terms of Use of the System will render the Pass Code being revoked and all ads associated to such violation removed from the System without any compensation to the Subscriber.

D. Terms Governing MoboPAGE™ Subscription

  1. Your MoboPAGE website consists of predesigned page layout and functionality, and a web address which consists of a domain of your selection plus a unique NameID used in pair with the selected domain. In general, pages of your website will be in any of the following patterns:
    DOMAIN/NameID (the homepage of your site)
    DOMAIN/NameID/page-name (other pages of your site)
  2. The DOMAIN is the internet domain you selected at the time of your signup for subscription.
  3. The NameID is a string of characters that can be in any combination of your first name, your last name, and any acceptable characters, and is subject to availability on first come, first served basis. For online purchase a NameID must be at least 4 characters long. Acceptable characters include: letters ('a~z'), digits ('0123456789'), hyphen ('-') and underscore ('_').
  4. Your NameID is unique with respect to your selected DOMAIN only.
  5. Once you have purchased a NameID you cannot make change to it.
  6. Your NameID, as well as your web address, will become part of the searchable database of the HOMESmarketing system.
  7. Features of a MoboPAGE™ website are designed for use by real estate agents who are also members of any MLS Board; or for use by individuals or businesses for commercial or personal purposes. However, all features are for general uses only and on AS IS basis.
(End of Rules)
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