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With the HOMESmarketing system, image advertising includes background image ads ("BIA") and banner ads. Below is a brief introduction to these various ad types available on the system:
BIA (Background Image Ad) BIA consists of a large background image that spreads the full width of the web page holding the ad. The design is to capture the immediate attention of the visitors. Each ad also comes with a brief promotion message and a link to the web destination of the advertiser.
Banner ads can be show of static images or the combination of images, texts, voice, other media elements and special effects, all mixed in a "movie-like" presentation (e.g., GIF, video or Flash).
H5 Banner (Ad) is a new form of media using HTML5 and CSS3 specifications to render a vast varieties of animation and presentation. Unlike Flash (file type .swf), HTML5 and CSS3 are open source specifications for the world wide web ("www") that are compatible with most mobile devices - Android and iOS platforms. Accordingly, HOMESmarketing's H5 banner ads are viewable on most mobile devices (cellphones and tablets alike).
H5 Banner Production: If you order any H5 Banner image ads, you can either provide the H5 banner files on your own, or HOMESmarketing can do the production for you at a minimal fee - simply check this item on your order input form.
To view an illustration of available H5 banner types on HOMESmarketing please visit the Image Advertising Illustration Page.
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