HOMESmarketing household & real estate advertising system.
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Real estate For Sale and For Rent Ads

Enriched features:

  1. User friendliness and mobile readiness
    • Readers can find properties (including yours) with precise search criteria and in well-sorted order - no waste of time in reading unqualified listings
    • Your property will show up with a reader's search criteria, you don't need to re-post it to stay on top
    • [New] MoboVIEW™ features: Your property can be viewed comfortably on most mobile devices (see next line to try it out)
    • [New] MoboLINK™ (Short URL) makes easy telling others - try opening this MoboLINK™ on your cell phone:
  2. You are in control
    • Post new listings or modify existing listings, anytime anywhere via internet (access is password-protected)
    • Post real estate For Sale and For Rent listings
    • Post MLS listed or Non-MLS listed properties as you need
    • Enter data from your computer and the system will post your ad in a detailed, professional format
  3. Instant marketing ability and professionalism
    (Things already exist with the system and will start functioning automatically as soon as an ad is posted)
    • Instantly created presentation sheet on its own - each one is fully detailed, and professionally and independently presented (see image this page)
    • Your posted property is part of the system targeting the general public - so the advertising ability begins immediately your ad is created
    • The system's multilink advertising effect will increase the exposure of your ad
    • With precise search functionality that would help readers find your ad of their desire and in comfort
  4. Instant marketing capability
    (Things you can execute as you desire, anytime)
    • Time-sensitive action is possible: send hot listing messages immediately a new ad is posted, to cooperating colleagues and high potential clients already on your lists
    • Tell others about your hot and newly listed property in full detail and with ease - via voice or text messaging, or send a link of the property via email (see also Short URL in item 1 above)
  5. Database features and work efficiency -
    Individual usage:
    • Tell others the Ad# of a specific property; or it can be found by anyone with precise search criteria
    • "View all ads of me" feature - just provide others with a link or embed it on your website - listings will be presented in good easy to read sort order
    • "Just listed message" feature - with just one click you'll be able to copy details of a property to other advertising media or via email
  6. Database features and work efficiency -
    Brokerage or organization usage:
    • "View all listings of this brokerage" feature - send others the link or embed it on website - listings will be presented in good easy to read sort order
    • Individual has control whether a listing is to be included in the brokerage's pool
    • Multilink advertising effect extended to all participating individuals